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Are you planning for group trip or getway with your friends? If yes, then you can plan a group trip with The Travel Street. We offer special group packages, which are excusively designed for groups. Whether your group is travelling for pleasure, for an overseas conference, or any other special occasion, we have affordable packages for all purposes and for distinct groups. Our goal is make sure that you enjoy your trip from start to the end. We understand that planning trip for ten people or more is often a big challenge, but we have simplified this process through our group packages. Here some key features of our group packages :

  • Prearranged check-in
  • Tags with group label luggage for quick and easy identification on arrival
  • Seats together
  • Customized menus and headrests with the logo of your organization
  • Prepaid special beverages and deserts
  • Meals to match specific religion or diet plan



At The Travel Street, we understand the issues that you can face, when it comes to finding a reliable travel agency that offers travel group packages for both domestic and international trips. We have come up with a number of packages that are exclusively designed while keeping groups in mind. Group traveling is not only a great way to enjoy your vacations in a more interesting manner, but also save on your traveling expenses. We provide a complete schedule of the different group tours that include plans for each day, activities, meal details, flights or other mode of transportation details, and other vital information regarding the trip.





The Travel Street offers various customized and standard international as well as domestic group tour packages, crafted to surely suit your traveling needs. We not just make arrangements for you, rather provide you with affordable and comfortable accommodation and assistance for your tour by you incharge for sightseeing opportunities, as this enables you to enjoy your vacations to the fullest.

Whether you’re planning a group trip to Australia, Europe, Africa or within India, we have group packages from India to all possible holiday destinations in the world. We ensure to take you to your desired location and make your holidays extraordinary with our world-class services. The best aspect about our international group tour packages is that we offer you a chance to choose from distinct itineraries.

You can just pick the traveling deal or grouo package which suits you the best and you all set to embark on a wonderful journey that will create everlasting memories for you. We have a comprehensive directory that has all the details that you just scroll through it and you will stumble upon a hoilday destination that has been thinking for long.

When it comes to making your booking, there are certain factors that should be taken care to reap the best from our services.

  • Update your group details for making things a little sorted.
  • Make booking in advance to grab good deals.
  • Specify your special requirements.

Still, if you require any further assistance regarding our services and packages you must feel free to call our customer care support system experts. They work around the clock to make your trip the best moments of your life. We don’t say that we are best in the industry, we just build happy customers which is itself a sign of excellence.

If you got a group for holiday, we have a great package for you! Make your booking today with The Travel Street !

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