Privacy Policy


The Travel Street respects the privacy of our clients and understands the need to protect their personal information, including name, contact number, address they share with us. We follow standardized system, when it comes to privacy on our websites. In general, our clients can visit our website without revealing us about their personal information. We just track their Internet address of the domains from which they visit our website and for trends and statistics we analyze this data, but then they remain anonymous. Some of our pages use "cookies" in order to serve them in a better way through tailored information when they visit our site. Basically, cookies are identifiers that are send by a web site to their browser to provide them the next visit to a site. They can even set their internet to show their notification when they are sent a cookie, offering them the choice to decide whether to accept or to decline. We use the collected information to improve our services.

Through specific reference to the third party advertising, we use the services of third party providers to showcase advertisements on our behalf across the Internet and sometimes on our site. They can collect random information regarding their visit to our website, and interaction with our services. They can also utilize their data about their visits to the website and other websites to craft advertisements for services. This information is collected with the help of a 'pixel tag', which is an industry standard technology, which is used by all popular and major travel websites. But no personal information is used in this entire process. So the third parties do not know customers' name, email address, phone number, address, or any other personal identifying data. With the reference to e-commerce transactions, The Travel Street collects a list of personal information from the user during the transaction through our website that include:

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Contact details
  • Permanent Address
  • Credit Card/Debit Card details
  • Date of Birth ( incase of child)

The Travel Street does not trade upon or sell any of the above listed information without the consent of our customer. We share the customer personal details with application service providers, such as hotels, airlines, etc., for reservation purpose and booking the services for our travelers. The information that includes Net Banking Details and Creit Card details are generally collected directly by the banks and payment gateways, and not by The Travel Street, but incase retained by us it remains internal and never shared, except with the third party government/private security agencies for security purposes. These details are also shared with some selected third parties just for processing 'Discount & Cash Back'. We take the required measures to protect the data shared by our customers with us. We use high-tech technology and security features as well as strict policy to secure the privacy of personal identifying information from improper disclosure or unauthorized access. Please contact our customer support system professionals to obtain the names and addresses of the specific entities that might have access to your information.


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